Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Valentine

Even though I asked my sweet little boy to be my Valentine, I went on ahead and did a little something special for my husband. It wasn't nothing big or exciting. Just "Here's a couple of snack foods and dinner." Oh and I also got him some fishing stuff and binoculars. My lovely mom  (Hi Mommy!  :D)  was kind enough to take me and my son out to town to grab a "couple" of things.
So yesterday, I had Levi and Keith run to Hastings and Walmart while I set everything up and cooked a yummy dinner. I made a seaoning with Ranch Dressing Mix and Garlic powder with a few other ingredients and covered Oyster Crackers with it, then baked them. Then I cooked a cheesy, chicken noodle "casserole".
I doubled the recipe so it made Plenty. It actually made two 9x13 cake pans full. This cheesy pasta casserole was made of pasta, chicken, Velveeta, Rotel, Chicken Broth, and Mushroom soup. Super easy and like I mentioned before Yummy! I even mixed some jalapenos in my bowl and added some peas & carrots in my son's. I'll  gladly give you the recipe if you're interested.

Of course we had to have dessert...cause all the chocolate candys weren't enough, so I baked a Strawberry cake with Vanilla icing.

Don't laugh at the cake! I know it looks awful. Its definitely not my best work. The icing kept coming out watery and plus my foot was giving me hell. I was ready to sit my tired butt down.
We ended the night watching House that Levi rented. We don't have any television channels what-so-ever. [gasp!]  I know.
So that was my little Valentine celebration. Yes I did it early. It seemed like a perfect day to do it and plus when we plan on doing something it always gets messed up.

Did you do anything special for Valentine's or are you planning on anything special?


  1. Awww! Hi Nicole's mommy! That cake looks cuuute and I like your table set up. Thats so sweet Nicole.... I guess I should do something for the BF for v-day. Naaah. lol. Is you guys' competition still on? lol

    1. Hahaha I knew you would say something to my mom! :) Im not for sure about the competiion. lol Im scared to see what he has planned.

    2. Awww- that was sweet! Hey sweet girl! Can't believe you're all grown up. Where has the time gone. I'm so happy that you are a part of our lives...

  2. Aww! That cake is adorable. Girl, you're so sweet. We're not planning anything big for Valentine's Day, just dinner at home.

  3. That is such a adorable cake! Oh my goodness.