Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Keith eat crayons? Keith eat?"

I just want to apologize for my crappy blog and of course for my stupid self.  All of my lovely photos that I spent all of my extra time that I don't even have, disappeared. I'm completely pissed and upset about it. I obviously don't know what I am doing so if these pictures on this post disappear as well,  I am done with writing this blog. Theres no need to waste my time if my posts aren't gonna have pictures and appear how I want them. I did fix I married my boss! so you can now check that post out.

Anywho, on a better note, me and Keith (my amazing son) made our own crayons today. And it was a Blast! This is a great little project for toddlers/young kids...and of course grown ups who still tend to color every now and then.....Don't deny it! You know you love coloring still.  These pictures don't do any justice on how pretty the crayons are in person.

This project couldn't get any simpler. First, take all your broken crayons and peel off all the paper.
Then place the crayons in a cupcake pan lined with cupcake papers. You can mix multiple colors or stick with same colored crayons.

Then pop them into the oven. I put mine in the oven while it was pre-heating to 350` and by the time my oven heated to 350` the crayons were done.

All your doing is melting the crayons so it'll only take 10 minutes or so. Just make sure you watch them. As soon as the crayons are completely melted take them out. I want to try making them in one of those cool, character silicone ones next time.

Let them cool and then peel of the paper and your good to go! Color away. No need to buy that Crayola crayon maker. You can even use those glitter crayons which make these cryaons even prettier!

As soon as I took them out of the oven Keith kept saying "Look good! Keith eat?"   "Keith eat crayons?" "Keith take a bite?" "Keith try."  After repeating myself  Several times and explaining how we don't eat these even though we cooked them like cupcakes, he still insisted that he try one. He successfully got to "try" one with a lick (acutally three) before I could snatch it away.

Whats something that you or your child ate that wasn't supposed to be eaten?


  1. Neat idea! Those look fun to color with!

    1. OMGEE! They look like yummy reese's cups! I want to eat one, I don't blame Keith. Great pics too Nicole! I used to want to eat the chocolate playdoh we made at the Youth Center on base. Lol.

      I'm gonna make them with my cousins! =)

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  3. Those look freaking adorable! We have a ton of crayon bits and ends that I've been holding on to, I'm going to try this. BTW, passed a couple of awards on to you over at my blog.

    1. Wow! Thanks Caitlin. I checked it out and it sounds fun but sadly I dont have a laptop anymore. I dropped it like an idiot and it is now resting in peace. So I only check my mail every now and then on Levi's laptop. But hopefull one day I will have enough time and energy to do the post. And the crayons are Super fun! And little miss Penny can help too which makes it even better! :D I sure wish I could meet her (and of course the "newest addition")