Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I married my Boss!

Halloween @ Work!
We are the ones with nothing on our faces.
 We do have badass contacts in tho.
 I promise its not as bad as the title sounds. I met Levi (my husband) at my first job. Long John Silvers and A&W. I remember it was my junior year in high school and one of my Very good friends just got hired there. She Begged me to go fill out an application. She said "Nicole, that job is so easy! ...Pleeeaase." So I gave in. I ended up getting the job as a chasier and Levi was a Team Leader (later became an Asst. Manager).
He charmed me with the looks he gave me and the comments he made. I, of course assumed he did this to every girl. I was never one of those stupid girls who would believe everything a guy tells them. "But daddy, he says he loves me"  Nope not this gal. After only 2 months of working there we started dating. July 7th, 2006. We even chose this same date ( but in the year 2009) to get married.
We didn't get to have a fancy, dream come true wedding. A total of 6 people came to our ceremony. Levi, Keith (our son), my parents, the Justice of The Peace, and of course myself. Sad huh?
The ceremony was at our apartment and I decorated it myself. I bought all the decorations from one of my favorite stores. Dollar Tree. I used fake flowers, ribbon, paper plates, napkins, and whatever else cost $1 to decorate the walls. My dad even made us a 3 tier wedding cake. Delicious!!! I still dream of maybe one day we could actually have a real wedding. I would like to at least be able to try on a wedding dress and see my husband in a tuxedo before we die.
Our perfect son was 2 months old when Levi and I got married. Oops! We did it kinda backwards but it worked out great for us. Our relationship wasn't the typical relationship that the average couple goes thru. Which is a Whole other story. We didn't have issues between each other, we were just fine. It was others that made our relationship a ride from hell.

So 5 1/2 years of being together and we are still doing great! I'll always give credit to Brittni (my dear friend) for mine and Levi's relationship. I wish we were still in contact with each other but I guess thats life. So Brittni, if you happen to stubble upon this for some Very Odd reason, Thank you!   :D

And for anyone who is dying to know...Levi is only 6 years older than me. I told you its not as bad as it sounds. Age doesn't matter anyway...unless it involves a young kid of course.

How did you and your partner meet?

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  1. Hey sweetie, its mom. I wished that y'all had let dad & I pay for your wedding...But, we are so happy that he is our son-in-law!!! And, that we have a sweet grandson!!!