Friday, January 27, 2012

A couple things that make me .....

Alright, I know nobody likes hearing people complain but what the hell right. So I decided to write (a couple) of my pet peeves. You can look at this as more of an explanation of why people may get annoyed at these things instead of me complaining.  I will have to send this post to my husband's email later (you know, just in case if he is curious or something) So here it goes... Oh and these are in no particular order. They pretty much have the same annoyance level.

1. When someone takes the trash out and doesn't put a bag back into the trash can. Really?! I know, I know. I should be appreciative and I am. Trust me. But if someone (and keep in mind that I am married so that should sum up the "someone") takes out the trash and I don't know about it, then mostly likely  I am going to have some horrible, disgusting, icky, substance on my hands (did I mention I am also a mother) and I NEED to throw it in the trash as quickly as possible. It never fails. Everytime I Need a bag in the trash can, there never seems to be one in there. Its like when your cooking or something and your hands are covered with gunk and all of a sudden your face decides it needs to be itched. Its just down-right annoying.

2. "Oh, Its an inside joke."  Ummm did I effing ask! The reason why this annoys me is because most of the people who has said this are stuck up and are just annoying in general. I don't even have to ask or make a confused face and they tell me that I won't understand cause its an inside joke. Gee, thanks for making me care even less.

3. When people use those ear phones in public. Yes, good for you for having the "high tech" equipment and being able to multitask but you have now not only made a fool of youself but you have also made a fool of myself cause I have just answered your question or made a comment to you when you weren't even talking to me in the first place. I'm not trying to offend anyone who uses the ear phone. I'm just saying that you kinda look psycho "talking to yourself" and you embarass the rest of us who assume you are talking them.

4. People who don't sneeze. Just let the damn thing out! You know what I'm talking about. Those girls who make that little mouse noise instead of ACCHOOO!!!   I even try to overachieve and add a curse word at the end. Like F*ck or sh!t A sneeze is meant to come out and relieve some type of thing in your nose. It shouldn't stay in there.

5. Unexpected company. I like seeing people but only when I am ready. I would like myself and my son to look decent as well as the house. Don't think that I let my house get all trashy and I don't take care of things but I would like my house (and myself and son) to look the way I would want a house to look if I visited someone. Just please give my a heads up that you want to visit.

This is just a few of my pet peeves, as I could literally write a novel of all the things that annoy me. This wasn't meant to hurt anyone's feeling and I'm sorry if it did. It was supposed to be funny. Just picture me saying all of this in a sarcastic voice.
What is your biggest pet peeve?


  1. Loved this post! All of those things really irritate me...another pet peeve of mine is noisy eaters...people who make those horrible chomping noises when they eat. ARGH! Just makes me cringe >.< Also girls who use a baby voice instead of their real voice...can't bare that either :P


    1. Hilarious... I can hear you say all of that. And yeah most of that ish irritates me too! especially people showing up at the house and the trash bag thing... ::you know who you are effin trash bag bandit:: lol

    2. @ Sarah Thanks! and yes I agree on those things too. After I posted this I kept thinking of more and more stuff that irritate me...maybe I'll have a Pet Peeve #2 in the near future :P

  2. Bahaha this made me laugh so much. Especially the sneeze. But lucky for me, other than the odd maintenance man who shows up to switch out the air filter, I don't get unexpected company. That would drive me insane.

    1. Well Im glad it made you laugh. It was meant to be funny and yet very true. I was scared I would offend alot of people. And it does drive me insane about the unexpected company.