Saturday, December 17, 2011

~Xtreme Lips~

Oh yeah-Its review time! So my first product I am reviewing is Sally Hansen LIP INFLATION Xtreme.
After I did some research on which brand I should buy that wouldnt kill my budget I decided to splurge a little and purchase this one. The reviews I read were all good. They all had said that you get the same results as an expensive brand. I purchased this at Walgreens for a little over $8.00 -which is more than I spend on my make-up. As I have mentioned on my other post I buy my make-up from the dollar tree. Its comes in this Awesome container (which you could totally use as a mirror when applying the product) and the tip is just like a nail polish brush. My camera wouldn't allow me to get a decent picture (sorry). The gloss smells nice and it doesn't taste bad at all. When you first put the product on it has a tingle sensation. It does NOT burn or hurt. Now I wouldn't call it Xtreme lips (nothing like Angelina Jolie) but it does plump up your lips to their fullest that is possible. The results are instant and lasts for Awhile, just like the package says. Call me crazy, but I've noticed that even when I am not wearing this product, my lips appear bigger than what they were before I have ever used this. I would Definitely recommend this product! I love it and I am glad I purchased it. Here are my before and after pictures.
Now my After picture is slightly closer to my lips but you can still tell a difference. If you look at my piercings, you can see that my bottom lip is Much more plumped and that its more against my peircings. Even if you look at my top lip you can tell that its bigger. Like I said earlier, its not Xtreme plumping but there are results. Again, I am happy with this product.  I hope you all enjoyed my review. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you have used this product and how you feel about it.


  1. thanks for your lovely comment ;-)

    wow this stuff really works... your lips are noticeably fuller

    thanks for stopping by my blog, you you return soon!

  2. Hey Doll! Thanks for the blog-love =) I came to check yours out and saw this post (of course I would, I'm such a sucker for lip gloss! haha) This stuff looks amazeballs!I'm going to pick it up tomorrow! lol

    xoxo <3 Mo