Thursday, December 15, 2011

~+~That Christmas Feeling~+~

Around Christmas time do you ever get that "Christmas feeling"? Just a happy "Christmasy" family feeling? Well I do. Most years I even get it around July but it usually goes away and comes back at a more appropriate time like when the tree leaves start dieing and the weather turns cold and I Love it.
This year is a different story. 10 days until Christmas and I do not feel 1 ounce of the feeling. Im not sure if its because we just got finished moving and just been to busy or if its because we are so excited and happy about our new place...or maybe its because the weather isnt really Christmas weather.
For whatever reason, it does not feel like Christmas and I feel somewhat sad about it. I didnt even really decorate or have the "want" to decorate. The tree is up and done,
 I set out a village (which my mom painted for me. She used the same colors we used to paint our house) and I have 1 snowflake hung.

 Usually its like winter wonderland in our house. Lights are hung all over, snowflakes are on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, and Christmas things are just
everywhere. I haven't even listened to any Christmas music yet...well I take that back, I heard 3 songs on the radio but they weren't the traditional Christmas songs. Maybe thats the reason I don't have that feeling yet, but I have been watching Christmas movies everyday so far this month (I have a 2 1/2 year old son and he gets to pick out what we watch).  I haven't even wrapped the presents yet! What is wrong with me?!

What about you, do you get a certain Christmas feeling or other holiday feeling? And whats your favorite holiday?


  1. OMG I'm so behind on Christmas decorating and you have me beat on decorations! I love to decorate, too, but we've been slowly building up our Christmas decorations every year. This year we bought new lights and that was it, haha.

    I LOVE your decorations!

  2. Thank you! We were planning on buying those big outdoor lights after christmas when everything goes like 75% or more off. Thats how we got most of our decortaions. I remember one year we got everything for a penny each at dollar general! Boy did we stock up :D

  3. sounds like you're doing all the right things to get into the christmas mood. hopefully it finds you. how the grinch stole christmas is my go to christmas story.

  4. Thanks for the comment! How the Grinch stole christmas is great! I will never be too old for that movie